Beachwood Also Says No To Recreational Marijuana

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BEACHWOOD – The Borough Council sent a message to the governor that the sale of recreational marijuana will not be welcome in the borough.

Gov. Phil Murphy had a campaign promise to legalize the recreational sale and use of marijuana. However, a fleshed out plan on what that would look like has not materialized.

“We are not in favor of legalizing,” Mayor Ronald Roma said. The Township Council passed a resolution opposing the enactment of legislation that would open up the doors to recreational marijuana being used or sold.

“With everything we know about recreational drug use, we would be remiss if we didn’t tell the governor” that they are against it, he said.

Photo by Jason Allentoff

The borough has an active Municipal Alliance against drugs, and works to keep alcohol from kids as well, he said. Legalizing it goes against all that hard work.

Recently, township officials led a group into liquor stores to put stickers on the racks informing buyers that if they buy for underaged people, or host parties where underaged people are drinking, that they would be held accountable.

Many local towns passed ordinances that would ban any shop from opening in their borders.