Bayville Preschool Closing Its Doors After A Decade

Photo courtesy Bayville Preschool

BAYVILLE – While many parents are rejoicing about the Berkeley Township School District’s new addition of a Free Full Day Preschool program, the Bayville Preschool has delivered some disheartening news. Bayville Preschool will be closing its doors on September 28 after losing numerous preschoolers to the Berkeley School District’s free preschool.

Members from the Bayville Preschool posted a letter announcing their impending closure to Facebook recently. The letter read:

“It is with a heavy heart that we write this letter. It has come to our attention that Berkeley Township School District is now offering free preschool in district. Children who were already enrolled with us are now moving over to the free program in district, and we cannot compete with free.”

Photo courtesy Bayville Preschool

The letter expresses a sad sentiment form the Bayville Preschool, but offers assistance for those parents who need help finding quality care for their children after their closure.
The preschool will be closing in less than a month. While the letter does apologize for the short notice, it noted “we have tried to think of everything we could do to keep our doors open,” but to no avail.

The loss of preschoolers has been too great, and the Bayville Preschool explained that they can no longer sustain their program with so few students.

“We thank all of you for your dedication and for being a part of our Bayville Preschool family and hope that you will stay with us until the end,” stated the notice.