Write Letters To Those Feeling Alone During This Trying Time

  TOMS RIVER – Local officials are asking for residents to write letters of encouragement to those who might be isolated during this time of social distancing.

  A partnership between the police department, Toms River Senior Center, and Ocean County Board of Social Services and other local agencies are working to make sure no one feels alone during this time.

  They are asking for letters of encouragement and hope for those who are feeling the effects of loneliness. They want to make sure that social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation.

  These letters will be printed out and attached to care packages and meals for those in need. That way, residents’ emotional needs are being served as well as their physical ones.

  “We have seen so much kindness and generosity toward this police department, especially in the last few weeks in response to COVID-19,” said a representative of the police. “We do have a little request for our community. We are kindly asking future donations be directed to our residents in need. It’s tough times like these that we come together… but currently apart.”

  In order to help, write a letter to let someone who may be alone know that someone is thinking of them. Email these letters by April 15 to Media@TRPolice.org. Children are welcome to draw pictures as well.