Toms River MVC Office Remains Closed Until May

Photo courtesy Ocean County Scanner News

   TOMS RIVER – Those who had business at the township’s Motor Vehicle Commission office were disappointed to learn it was closed on April 19.

   All appointments scheduled at the Toms River MVC office have been rescheduled for the next two weeks due to complications of the coronavirus health crisis.

  It was noted on the New Jersey MVC website that that it anticipated that the office would reopen on May 3.

  While the Lakewood office, which remains open, handles vehicle registrations it does not handle licensing. The Toms River office is the only office which performs that task in Ocean County.

  An office in the Manahawkin section of Stafford Township, which also handles registrations, is expected to reopen on April 24. It was also closed due to a COVID-19-related issue.

  Customers can perform routine renewals of driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations. Those that require real ID cannot. The state MVC has information explaining how to do it at