Toms River Cops Want Security Video Network For Investigations

(Photo courtesy of PoliceCarFreak609 on Flickr)

TOMS RIVER – Toms River Police Department has launched “Operation Watchdog,” a new program that allows businesses and residents to register their video surveillance systems with law enforcement.

Police said they often go door-to-door during investigations, seeking those with cameras who may footage of an incident, even if they were not directly affected. Registered citizens can directly contribute to investigations.

Registering cameras will help expedite investigations. It will also cut down on the number of officers needed to canvas the area in question. Police would contact registered camera owners for footage if needed, asking owners to watch footage from a specific timeframe and report if anything of interest was caught on tape. Police will work with owners to conveniently retrieve that footage.

Police will not be able to tap into any home or business surveillance feeds.

The program is voluntary and free and personal information is kept confidential.

To register, chose the Operation Watchdog link on the police’s website at