Toms River Burglar Suspect Strikes Again   

Photo courtesy Toms River Police

TOMS RIVER – Police are still looking for the female suspect who is responsible for several car burglaries on Jan. 7. The female suspect has been spotted again attempting to cash stolen checks and now wearing a blonde wig, officials said.

Police reached out to the public on Jan. 30, in search of a female that has reportedly broken into vehicles in Riverwood Park stealing purses, credit cards, cash, and check books. During this incident, the suspect had brown hair and was driving a gray, Nissan mini-van.

Since then, the Toms River Police Department’s press release racked up 187,000 views on Facebook and received numerous tips about the woman’s identity.

Police are asking the public to help them identify the woman in this photo. (Photo courtesy Toms River Police)

The police were contacted by the Manasquan Bank in Howell Township who reported a sighting of the female suspect attempting to cash stolen checks at two of their branches. In these incidents, the woman was blonde and driving a different vehicle, according to officials.

The police noted that they received word of the woman committing similar crimes in Wall Township as well. The woman is believed to be a part of an organized group that travels the state, committing crimes such as car burglaries, and then using the stolen property to commit bank fraud.