Social Media Threat Causes School Lockdown In Toms River

Photo courtesy Ocean County Scanner News

  TOMS RIVER – There were tense moments at school today when a threatening Snapchat post caused Toms River High School East to go into lockdown.

  Toms River Police arrived at the school around 10:42 a.m. after they received a call for a reported social media threat. The alleged threat was a Snapchat post showing a picture of guns in a bag.

  Due to the potential threat, a Shelter in Place was instituted in the building while police began an initial investigation and secured the premises. 

  Jillian Messina, a spokesperson for Toms River Police, told Jersey Shore Online that there appears to be no threat at this time and the origin of the post is still under investigation. 

  The Shelter in Place has now been lifted because the social media post was deemed unsubstantiated. 

Photo courtesy Ocean County Scanner News