Shelter Still Needs Rabbit Cage Donations

Cages are still needed for what will hopefully only be a temporary stop off for the rabbits before they get permanent homes. (Photo courtesy TR Animal Shelter)

  TOMS RIVER – After a sudden influx of 22 rabbits, the Toms River Animal Shelter asked for donations of cages from the public.

  The animals were rescued from a Toms River back yard and shed. Shelter staff put out a call for basic necessities after the rabbits arrived and updated their call for help recently.

  “Thank you all so much for the rabbit supply donations. You all are helping the rabbits feel more comfortable in their new and unfamiliar environment. We are still in need of rabbit/small animal cages. We need approximately 15 more,” shelter staff said.

  A pet advocacy group noted online that these cages are too small for rabbits to live in long-term. Adopters or anyone else who is looking to have the rabbits in one place for an extended period of time, should instead look into pens for their homes where the rabbits can have more room to move around.