Recovering Addict Pays Bill For First Aid Squad

Photo courtesy Toms River First Aid Squad

TOMS RIVER – After a long night on call, the five-member crew from the Toms River First Aid Squad stopped by their local IHOP to decompress and feast. It’s no surprise to rack up a bill close to $80. But it was a surprise to not have to pay for it.

The crew’s $77 bill was paid for by an anonymous benefactor, whose note and act of kindness brought them to tears.

Their check arrived with this note: “Paid. Thank you for all you do! Have a great day!! – Recovering Addict.”

“It was shocking, we were humbled and so so so grateful,” Toms River First Aid Squad Captain Alyssa Golembeski told Jersey Shore Online Monday night. “The best part of the whole thing is that she’s in recovery.”

Golembeski and her team—Sgt. Keri Murphy, Michael Dolch, Robert Tully, Patrick Masterson, and Larry Rosenberg—had just finished a night shift and were gathered for their weekly breakfast outing.

IHOP management declined to reveal the woman’s identity to the squad, saying the woman wished to remain anonymous. But her act of generosity has been covered by numerous media outlets, and the Squad’s Facebook post generating hundreds of likes and shares.

Golembeski said they do respond to many overdose calls. While they don’t know if they ever helped this particular woman, they are thankful for her kind gesture.

“We are so blessed to be able to serve you and everyone else who lives and works in the greater Toms River area. Good luck on your journey of recovery!” the Squad’s Facebook message said.