Navy Petty Officer From Toms River Aides In Boat Rescue

Members of the EasyRiders of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 37 gather following the rescue of a fisherman off the waters of Oahu, Hawaii. Toms River resident U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Christopher Ashenfelder assisted as part of that rescue effort. (Photo Provided By The U.S. Navy Office Of Community Outreach)

  TOMS RIVER – A township resident was part of a recent rescue of a boater off the waters of Oahu, Hawaii.

  According to the U.S.  Navy Office of Community Outreach, Petty Officer 2nd Class Christopher Ashenfelder, assisted in the rescue of a fisherman when the man’s fishing vessel was reported overdue on March 25.

   The ‘EasyRiders’ of Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 37 (HSM-37) provided search and rescue support to Coast Guard aircrew and surface vessels after the boat and its crew were reported past its return time. The Naval aircrew found the boater following an overnight search and transported him to a local civilian medical center to receive treatment.

  “It is an honor to be able to do this job for a living and finally do what I have always trained for. I look forward to assisting HSM-37 in any endeavors and continually helping others in need,” Ashenfelder said.

  Navy Commander Matthew Martin, HSM-37’s commanding officer,” said he was “extremely proud of the way my sailors and the entire ‘EasyRider’ team worked together to render aid during this search and rescue.” said “Working side-by-side with the Coast Guard was key in our ability to locate and rescue the fisherman.”

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