Leave A Book, Take A Book

The Little Free Library is on the boardwalk near Fielder Avenue. (Photo courtesy Friends of Ortley Beach)

TOMS RIVER – A new “Little Free Library” made an appearance in Ortley Beach this summer, where people walking the boards can find some beach reading, or something to take home.

The library is like a small bookshelf on a post near Fielder Avenue. It looks like a little house. The top shelf has books for grown-ups and the bottom shelf is for kids. There is also a notebook inside for patrons to write notes or make suggestions.

Local residents came out to the unveiling of the Little Free Library. (Photo courtesy Friends of Ortley Beach)

Tess Borgese said her son, Dominic, was learning to read, and it inspired sharing the gift of reading with everyone.

A GoFundMe page was launched, but the library was installed before it hit the $1,000 mark.

The idea is that anyone can borrow a book. They don’t need a library card. However, they are urged to replace it with another. While it will be open all year, it will be protected against winter storms.

For additional information, please contact The Friends of Ortley Beach at 732-687-0503.