Gas Station To Become A Bank

Photo by Chris Lundy

  TOMS RIVER – If you’re wondering about the gas station being torn down at the corner of Route 37 and Bananier Drive, it will eventually become a bank.

  The application was made by JPMorgan Chase Bank earlier this year and progress on the site is underway.

  The bank will have two drive-up ATM lanes. These won’t have teller windows or chutes, just ATMs. There will be 30 parking spaces.

Photo by Chris Lundy

  The Shell station had a full access driveway on Bananier. The two driveways on 37 were both right turn only. The bank plans on removing one of the driveways on 37 but keeping Bananier the same.

  Sometimes, gas stations lie dormant after being closed because there is chemical contamination. According to the application, tests suggest that no environmental remediation is needed. The gas tanks will be removed, and it’s possible that issues could be found after that.

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  Crews are actively working on redeveloping the property but it is unknown when the bank would be open for business.