Fire Company Launches Recruitment, Awareness Drive

Photo courtesy Toms River Fire Company #1

  TOMS RIVER – Usually, residents are calling the fire department with emergencies. Now, Toms River Fire District No.1 has announced that it will be reaching out to the public in a new campaign to increase awareness and recruit new members.

  District No. 1 consists of Toms River Fire Companies #1 and #2, East Dover Fire Company, and Ocean Beach Fire Company. It is one of the most active fire districts in the area, receiving 1,500 fire calls in 2020.

  Campaign awareness efforts will include click-through social media ads, residential mailings, a ‘facts and figures’ newsletter, and increased participation at local events, such as presentations in front of professional organizations and at school functions. 

  The campaign will have a new slogan, “Saving Lives from Woods to Water,” and a newly designed recruitment website.

  To learn more about Toms River Fire District No. 1 and their fire companies, community members are invited to visit There, they can complete an inquiry form and begin the volunteer application process.

  “Most people don’t think about how their fire department functions until an emergency occurs. They also don’t realize that we are 100 percent volunteer-run. To continue offering extensive training and new equipment to our firefighters, our goal within this campaign is to highlight the many ways District No. 1 positively impacts the community each day,” District No. 1 Administrator Brian Kubiel said.

  There are several volunteer opportunities for everyone, those available are listed below:

  Firefighter (Ages 18 and up): Jump into action year-round to face challenging calls and improve emergency response skills. This role requires a minimum completion of levels 1 and 2 training at our world-class municipal fire academy, as well as a valid driver’s license.

  Junior Firefighter (Ages 16-17): Serve your community alongside firefighters at local events and gain experience and the skills necessary to take on the responsibilities of a trained firefighter under supervision.

  Fire Police: Assist with traffic control at the scene of fires and motor vehicle crashes. Fire Police keep the emergency responses running smoothly.

  Administrative: Aid the department in recruitment efforts, event planning and incident reporting.

  Safety Officer: With a minimum of 10 years of firefighting experience and the completion of Incident Safety Officer Training and Incident Management Level II Certification, Safety Officers can expect to oversee:

  • Risk Management Planning
  • Station, Equipment and Facility Inspections
  • Accident Analysis
  • Safety Training
  • Department Guidelines
  • NFPA and OSHA Compliance

  Seasonal Volunteer: Not a full-time resident of Toms River? District No. 1 always has room for seasonal volunteers to aid the increased call volume in the summer months.

  To learn more about Toms River Fire District No.1 or to fill out an inquiry form, visit