Cops: Body Found In Huddy Park Result Of Suicide

(Photo courtesy of PoliceCarFreak609 on Flickr)

TOMS RIVER – A body found over the weekend in Huddy Park was determined to be a suicide, police said today.

In the early hours of July 29, a pedestrian flagged down police officers and directed them to an unresponsive man in Huddy Park.

The man, whose identity was not revealed, was found by the southeast gazebo. He had hung himself.

Officer Adam Worth had first located the man. Although no foul play was suspected, the man still was examined by Ocean County Medical Examiner, who determined it had been a suicide.

The investigation was conducted by Toms River Police Detectives Jon Turner as well as Detective Taryn Schwartz from the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office. Det. M. O’Hearn from the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department and Doctor Santangello from the Ocean County Medical Examiner’s Office assisted in the investigation.