You Can Name Zoo’s New Tigers And Lions

Photo courtesy Associated Humane Society

  LACEY – The Popcorn Park Zoo is accepting suggestions for names of the two lions and two tigers who just entered their care.

  People who donate at will have an opportunity to pitch ideas for the names.

  The African lions are an eight-year-old brother and sister pair. One tiger is a seven-year-old female and the other is an eight-year-old male.

  The four animals joined the refuge on July 26. They used to live in the Cherry Brook Zoo in Canada. That zoo closed down.


  It took two years of planning to get them to the Lacey, according to the Associated Humane Society, which oversees Popcorn Park. The big cats stayed at the Granby Zoo in Canada while the arrangements were made. International travel for large zoo animals proved difficult during COVID.

Photo courtesy Associated Humane Society

  “These cats will be a welcome addition to the over 200 animals we provide refuge to. More importantly, they will provide an educational experience to the nearly 100,000 people who visit us annually. It is gratifying to know that Popcorn Park’s reputation for sanctuary to wildlife in need extends beyond our country’s borders,” said Jerry Rosenthal, CEO of Associated Humane Societies.

  The AHS thanked Tigers in America and In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center for their help with transportation and logistics.

  “It has been a very long journey for these four cats. Finally, just shy of two years, we are so excited and relieved that they are now in their forever homes. We are so thankful for the collaboration of Zoo de Granby who provided excellent care since their arrival from Cherry Brook a little over a year ago, and In-Sync Exotics who made the trip from Texas to Canada to provide transportation to their permanent home. Special thanks to Senator Raymond Lesniak for his perseverance in helping relocate these cats to New Jersey. This relocation would not have been possible without the tremendous support of Tigers in America. We are honored that these four animals will be sharing the rest of their lives with us and looking forward to them settling into our Popcorn Park family,” said John Bergmann, Executive Director of Popcorn Park.

Photo courtesy Associated Humane Society

  On September 10th, Popcorn Park Animal Refuge will celebrate their 45th year of operation with a special anniversary event, which will include an official welcoming ceremony for these cats. More information can be found at as the date approaches.

  The zoo relies on sponsorship and donations to care for animals like these. To help, visit