Vote For Popcorn Park’s Banjo!

Photo courtesy Wahl Pets

FORKED RIVER – Vote for our local rescue to win! Banjo, from Associated Humane Societies Popcorn Park, was recently chosen as a finalist in the Wahl Dirty Dogs Contest.

The contest awards the winner with a $5,000 grant from Wahl Home Products. AHS Popcorn Park is asking everyone to vote for Banjo to win, a rescue with a triumphant story.

Banjo was found alongside two other dogs living in a car. The owner would leave the dogs, dirty and uncared for, on a hot day to go out for a few drinks. When someone took notice, Banjo and the other two dogs were rescued and received the care they needed.

The rescues are doing great now, and Banjo needs your help to win the grant! You are able to vote once a day, every day until August 24 for free. Vote for Banjo at