Urgent Care Now Donates Jackets To Lacey Township EMS

Photo courtesy Urgent Care Group

LACEY – The Lacey Township EMS Squad 23 recently received a special donation of custom squad jackets for each member. On Feb. 14, the Urgent Care Now Community Engagement team presented the Lacey EMS squad with these jackets during their monthly meeting as a token of their gratitude.

“Urgent Care Now is proud to support Lacey Township EMS. We wanted to show our thanks and gratitude to Squad 23 for all that they do to help our community” said Jim Jones, Urgent Care Now’s Director of Engagement.

Lacey Township EMS Vice President, Kimberly Barker welcomed Urgent Care Now Staff members Jones, William Recevuto and Megan Lange to the meeting. Line Captain, Ray Benedetti discussed the framework of the squad and their day to day operations with the members.

Benedetti said that along with their sister company in Lanoka Harbor, Lacey EMS performs over two thousand calls a year, the highest level in the state for towns that have 100% volunteer squads. Lacey EMS has over 40 trained individuals who answer and respond to calls 24/7.

“This is especially symbolic to Urgent Care Now because that is who we are, as well. Urgent Care Now staff is comprised of people who live in the community and service our neighbors and our friends,” said Jones. “It is important for us to partner with groups like Squad 23 of Lacey EMS to build and maintain a healthy community.”

The Lacey Township EMS volunteers do not see what they do as 9 to 5 or a job, but rather as a calling, according to their website.

“It’s something that people take for granted in any town,” said Lange. “We all need to thank our town Emergency Medical Service volunteers for their hard work and dedication.”

Lacey EMS is a federal registered 501c3 charity and donations are always welcome to help fund training and equipment for the department.

The squad is also looking for new members; retirees and those with day-time availability, and cadet, or junior member roles for those sixteen and older who wish to go through the NJ State EMT training program. There are also various administrative positions available.

For more information or questions about the Lacey Township EMS and Squad 23 visit their website at ltems23.com/index.html or call 609-693-9510.