Son Takes Over For Retiring Dad

Stafford Police Lt. Allen Halliday, left, joins his son and replacement on the police department he has served on for a quarter of a century. (Photo courtesy Stafford Township Police)

STAFFORD – For the first time in the history of the township its police department is seeing the retirement of one officer while the torch is passed on to his son to replace him.

  “Today marks a very special day for Stafford Police Department,” a statement from the department noted adding, “we would like to congratulate the retirement of Lieutenant Allen Halliday, badge #58, as well as the hiring of his replacement and son, full time Police Officer Zachary Halliday, badge #124.”

  The two shared a special moment on May 29, as Lt. Halliday radioed in to make his final 10-7, the call was answered by a surprise and heartfelt message from his son.

  Lieutenant Halliday, hired in 1995, retires with 25 years of service. The statement added that Halliday was “undoubtably one of the kindest and most loved officers among Stafford Police Department. Congratulations Lieutenant, you will be missed,” the statement added.

  In a departing letter, Halliday said to his colleagues, “to all police personnel, family and the community, Good morning. It’s 3:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep. I’m too excited, yet somewhat nervous thinking about how life changes for me and my family at the close of today.”

  “It’s hard to believe 25 plus years has passed in my career. I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember all the faces, all the laughter and tears and all the stories. I will miss being a part of the new stories to come, but that’s what you sacrifice when you make way for the new and with the new, it starts a new chapter for all,” Halliday said in his letter.

  Halliday said, “for most of you that know me, I’m never without words, however, I find it hard to say farewell. I want to thank former Mayor Carl Block and retired Chief Larry Parker for providing the opportunity for me to become a member of this incredible police department in 1994. I want to thank Chief Thomas Dellane for his years of leadership starting as my senior squad member so many years ago.”

  The retired officer added, “I want to thank my wife Kathy and my son Allen Zachary and my daughter Haley for all their years of support and understanding that this job had often taken time away from us all and plans that needed to be changed. After today, it will never happen again. I love you all.”

Allen Halliday, badge #58 retired from the Stafford Police Dept. on May 29 after 25 years of service. (Photo courtesy Stafford Township Police)

  “I want to thank our community for allowing me to be your public servant. I’ve realized that a major part of this job was not about cops and robbers, although there were times it was about listening and assisting many who just needed an ear to get through some tough times in their lives,” Halliday said.

  The officer added that “for each bad person I came into contact with over the years, I have met tenfold of good people which I continue to see who still offer a smile and a handshake. These were often times which were the most rewarding for me.

  “To all the men and women both uniform and civilian, my sincerest thank you. My words truly can’t express the level of pride and how fortunate I feel having the honor of working with you all, both current and in the past.

The family (Photo courtesy Stafford Township Police)

  “I am forever grateful and I could thank you all individually because each person at some time has brought something special to my life, but I would bore you all because they would be the same kind words based on the memories I have,” he said.

  “Congratulations to our new officers to come. Listen to your seniors, there is so much knowledge to be had and most certainly is needed in our current times. All officers, it’s your responsibility to watch over these officers coming in now and in the future. Be hard to them, train them, yet be patient so they can enjoy what it feels like to represent the Stafford uniform,” Halliday added.

  The officer concluded saying he was, “a happy man with the fondest of memories. So for 25 plus years it has been the coolest and most rewarding career/journey anyone one person could be so selfish to ask for. I hope the next 25 years are as fulfilling.”