Son Of Ocean County Residents Serves On Navy Sub

Lt. Corey Drozdowski (Photo courtesy U.S. Navy)

  BARNEGAT – The son of Barnegat residents is one of the sailors that continue the 123-year tradition of service under the sea aboard USS Springfield, operating out of Naval Base Guam.

  Lt. Corey Drozdowski, a U.S. Navy submarine force member, has served for nine years.

  “I joined the Navy to follow in my father’s footsteps,” said Drozdowski.

  Prior to joining the Navy, Drozdowski graduated from Houston High School in Germantown, TN in 2008. Also, he graduated from Georgia Tech in 2013, and Duke University in 2018.

  Currently, he serves as a weapons officer, and is responsible for overseeing operations and operational maintenance of all weapons and their control equipment on board Springfield.

  “My favorite part about being the weapons officer is being in charge of all the weapons we’ll use to win the war,” he said.

  With his service to the Navy, he contributes to a world-class organization focused on maintaining maritime dominance, strengthening partnerships, and increasing competitive warfighting capabilities sustaining combat-ready forces in support of the National Defense Strategy.

  “Submarines contribute to national defense by being the great unknown to our enemies,” he said.

  He takes great pride in serving the United States Navy, by getting the ship and its sailors ready for deployment.

  “Serving in the Navy means letting my loved ones sleep peacefully at night,” added Drozdowski.