Police Investigate Tire Slashing Incidents

Photo courtesy Barnegat Police Department

BARNEGAT – Barnegat Police are investigating a series of tire slashing incidents that occurred in the Settlers section of Barnegat Township recently.

Several residents posted complaints and warnings to the local community via social media on September 25 on the Barnegat community pages.

One post stated that the resident “woke up to our Ford 350 tires being slashed.”
Several posts stated there were 22 tires slashed in the neighborhood.

According to Chief Keith Germain, there were only 12 tires damaged.


“There were twelve tires punctured on Mast Dr, Sextant Dr, and Schooner Ave. Detectives are investigating,” he said.

The suspect/suspects are still unknown. Police ask any residents with video surveillance footage available to contact the department at 609-698-5000.