Police Chief Brings Home New Perspective From FBI Academy

Photo by Kimberly Bosco

  BARNEGAT – The community recently welcomed home one of its fearless leaders this past week. Barnegat Police Chief Keith Germain has returned to work with the department after 11 weeks training with the FBI.

  On December 20, Chief Germain graduated from the 278th session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia alongside 257 classmates from 49 states, 37 countries, four military organizations, and six federal civilian organizations, according to the department.

  Germain underwent 11 weeks of “intensive leadership and physical training” while at the Academy, gaining a lot of valuable insight along the way.

  According to the FBI National Academy, the 11-week program trains officers from all around the world in intelligence theory, terrorism and terrorist mindsets, management science, law, behavioral science, law enforcement communication, and forensic science. The academy serves to improve the administration of justice in police departments and agencies at home and abroad and to raise law enforcement standards, knowledge, and cooperation worldwide.

  “This was a profound leadership experience,” said Chief Germain. “The ability to exchange ideas and learn from the top 1% of law enforcement leaders across the globe was invaluable.”

  Now that he’s back in Barnegat, Chief Germain is putting what he learned to use.

  “In Quantico, you’re spending 16 hours a day with the best that this profession has to offer. Over the course of hundreds of hours of interaction and conversation, you glean insight into how agencies globally are dealing with the contemporary challenges that we face collectively as a profession,” he explained. “You get a view of what has worked, what hasn’t worked, and great ideas that we can apply to our mission as an agency here in Barnegat.”

  While Chief Germain was away, Captain Ryan Dugan took over the reins.

  “Captain Ryan Dugan did an outstanding job managing the agency in my absence. I also can’t say enough about the women and men of the agency– from our lieutenants to our civilian personnel– for continuously providing the high-level of service that our residents demand and expect,” he added.

  Chief Germain thanked the governing body and the community for their support, noting that it made leaving his family, job, and home in Barnegat for the Academy a little bit easier.