Ocean County Student Wins National Telly Award

Barnegat High School senior Shannon Harrington won a National Telly Award. (Photo courtesy Shannon Harrington)

  BARNEGAT – Big names like Playstation, FOX Entertainment and the Walt Disney Company may find themselves stepping back a bit when it comes to the National Telly Awards. One of this year’s fiercest rivals was none other than Barnegat High School senior Shannon Harrington.

  Shannon, 18, who’s busy completing college applications, recently won entry into an elite group. Her campaign ad for the Pinelands Brewing Company earned Shannon a Silver Telly Award. The 42nd annual contest has judges from industry greats like Netflix, A&E Networks, Hearst Media, Nickelodeon, ESPN Films, and Vimeo.

  According to their website, the Telly Awards “honor excellence in video and television across all screens.”

  “I had the opportunity to write the soundtrack for the Pinelands Brewing Company,” shared Shannon. “It was a commercial campaign and something I’ve also done for other local businesses.”

  Shannon’s “As Pure as the Pines” commercial won the Silver Telly Award in the Branded Content Campaign: Promotional category. Some of the other Silver award winners in the same category came from AMC Networks, Caterpillar Inc., and FOX Entertainment.

  The 30 second promo features Shannon plucking away on a mandolin to a picturesque scene of the Pinelands, ending with a nice cold beer inviting consumption. Shannon closes the spot with a smooth assertion that the perfect glass of brew is “as smooth as the pines.”

Shannon Harrington performs locally, sometimes with her sister Brigid as the Harrington Sisters. (Photo courtesy Shannon Harrington)

  “I produced it (the promo) using my mandolin, and a little bit of an electric guitar,” shared Shannon. “I used my own voice to create the harmonies.”

  In addition to the commercial, Shannon said she’s produced music for the LBIF Foundation, Cluck ‘N Crabs, and Small Cakes LBI.

  “I’m really happy that my music helped the campaign to be nationally recognized, and to win alongside those other companies is really exciting,” Shannon said.

  One of the interesting things about Shannon’s talents includes the fact that she is primarily self-taught. The young woman credits Barnegat High School music teacher Anthony Orecchio for classes in music composition and theory. However, Shannon denies any formal instrument or voice lessons.

  When it comes to instruments, Shannon enjoys the guitar, mandolin, and harmonica. And, Shannon’s voice and charisma leave a lasting impression it seems. In one case, Broadway directors like her so much that she was cast in an equity show when she was still in grade school.

  “I did the Broadway tour of White Christmas when I was a kid,” Shannon said. “It was a lot of fun.”

  Shannon and her older sister Brigid share similar love for music. Locally, the two are known as the Harrington Sisters and play gigs together whenever Brigid is home from college. Shannon also performs throughout the region all on her own.

Shannon Harrington performs for the LBIF Foundation. (Photo courtesy Shannon Harrington)

  In 2020, Harrington took 1st place in the 16th annual Shout Down Drugs songwriting competition, winning a $5,000 music contract to perform her song at various events throughout the year.

  As far as college, Shannon plans to look at a few different schools and has not decided on her major just yet.

  “I definitely want to be able to perform and do something creative,” shared Shannon. “But I also have a more academic side and am also interested in music production.”