Lacey Police Looking For Green Spray Paint Vandal

(Photo courtesy of The Lacey Reporter/Gavin Rozzi)

LACEY – Police continue to investigate a series of vandalism using green spray paint that occurred on July 30, according to police officials.

Police believe the various incidents to be connected by what appears to be the same green spray paint used in each case.

The first incident occurred in Forked River around 1 p.m. Lacey Officer Noah Schaffer responded to 900 Beach Boulevard after reports of criminal mischief. Police discovered a 23-foot boat vandalized on the right side with green spray paint and a nearby trailer also spray-painted. Police report that the damage to the boat is approximately $300, and the trailer, $200.

At around 5:41 p.m., a Lacey officer responded to another report of criminal mischief in the area of the 700 block of Montauk Drive. Here, police found a house vandalized again with the green spray paint on the door and siding. The spray paint was used to write profanities on the residence, causing about $100 in damage, police stated.

The third incident occurred also at about 5 p.m. but was located on Cape May Drive. Police responded to the area after reports of a spray-painted mailbox and a spray-painted stop sign. Police estimate the damage at $50.