Lacey Buys Expensive Equipment For $1

Lacey officials discuss business matters during a recent Committee meeting. (Photo by Bob Vosseller)

  LACEY – They bought that for a dollar – and it was quite a bargain.

  Members of the governing body recently voted to accept from Ocean County a special screen device for composting for the township’s public works department.

  “They were going to auction it off but they are giving it to us for a dollar,” Township Clerk/Business Administrator Veronica Laureigh said.

  She further explained it will be used for topsoil purposes and resident Kevin Flynn, who works for the Lacey DPW, said “it is a very good machine and it usually goes for $100,000.”

  “It will need some work but for a dollar we can’t go wrong,” he added.

  In other business, Township officials authorized the execution of a contract with Swift and Sons for work on the Northeast Barnegat Pines Road improvement project. Laureigh said four bids were received with the lowest coming in at $358,098.50.

  Another resolution involved authorizing a special item of revenue in the budget which noted that usual funding from DWI violations were coming in very slowly this year due to a court backup on such cases.

  “We usually receive several thousand dollars but we are only seeing $947.59 this year. The courts are very slow in processing the cases these days so we aren’t seeing the money coming in,” Laureigh added.

  Committeeman Peter Curatolo said there were efforts to contact the NJ Department of Highway Safety in relation to the state’s Click-It or Ticket campaign the funds of which help cover police overtime.

  Curatolo said he spoke with a township 7th grader who previously appeared before the Committee and shared his concerns about the possible elimination of the school district’s Generational Club.

  This club which has existed for many years involves seniors and students meeting together and gaining a rapport.

  “I was assured this morning by the School Superintendent that is not the case. That is something that will continue at no cost to the taxpayer,” Curatolo said.

  “Our senior communities will have contact with our next generation through the schools so we are pleased with that,” Curatolo said, adding that he was confident the young student would be coming back to visit the Committee once again.

  The Committeeman also noted that through County testing, water samples proved that water at recreation areas in the township were clean and safe. “We encourage everyone to recreate. There are plenty of fish and wildlife as is the case in our surrounding areas with our salt water and fresh water areas and are tested by the Ocean County Utilities Authority. That happens once a week.”

  Committeewoman Peggy Juliano said she was glad to see so many people in the audience even at an earlier than normal Committee meeting. “It is good to see people come out and getting your opinions out there and your thoughts on what we do up here. It isn’t always easy for us up here but it is good to hear feedback on decisions.”

  A resident asked with the continued number of developments being proposed in the township and increase in Lacey’s population that the police department would need to increase its staff.

  Mayor Mark Dykoff replied, “we’ll have to look at that. The chief, (Michael DiBella) will make the determination and make a suggestion to the township on his needs based on population but we don’t act on assumptions first. We will examine that as it grows. We don’t know the timeline so we’ll have to see.”