Junior Miss Stafford Raises Money To Support Police

Junior Miss Stafford Lindsey McDermott displays her sign with Mayor Gregory Myhre and Community Policing Officer Marisa Lawrence. (Photo courtesy Stafford Township Police Department)

  STAFFORD – Junior Miss Stafford Lindsey McDermott created signs with positive messages to support the Stafford Police and displayed them across the community.

  Eleven-year-old Lindsey first thought of the idea when she kept hearing negative messages about police officers and wanted to change those messages to something positive.

  “I hear so much bad stuff about cops and it’s ridiculous,” Lindsey said.  “Of course, not everybody is good. But I believe most police officers, everywhere, are good.”

  “She had been bouncing around ideas for a community event or something she could organize to make an impact,” Lindsey’s father Jim said. “Nothing really jumped out until she saw a blue line painted between the yellows in Beach Haven. She wanted to have a community support day for the police where residents can come down and help paint the blue line.”

  When the county denied the Township’s request to paint a blue line on the street near the police department, Lindsey didn’t give up. She knew she wanted to raise awareness in support of cops and that’s when she came up with the idea for the signs.

  With the possibility of spreading COVID-19, the idea for signs was perfect since it allowed people to donate and show their support without congregating at an event.

  After working with Mayor Greg Myhre and Police Chief Tom Dellane, they both endorsed Lindsey’s project and turned it into a fundraiser by selling the signs.

  “We used a local printer and local businesses to help sell the signs,” Jim said. “The response from the community has been great. People are so thankful to her for doing what she’s doing. She goes door to door and everything to sell them.”

  The signs show the Stafford Police patch and blue stripe through the middle, and state “We support our Stafford Police; Thank you for keeping us safe.”  

  Once the last of her signs have sold, Lindsey will have sold 650 signs and raised over $5,200. She chose to donate all of the funds from the signs to the annual Holiday Toy Drive. The Toy Drive, coming up in November, is held by the Stafford Policemen’s Benevolent Association Local 297 and the Stafford Township Recreation Department.

  “She has received many notes and cards of appreciation,” Jim said. “Many people have given her extra money for herself which she has chosen to add to the toy drive fund along with the other proceeds.”

  If anyone is interested in purchasing a sign for their lawn, they are available for $15 and can be purchased at several local businesses, including NJ Logowear, Fusaro Pizza and Pasta, Mystic Subs and Buy Rite Liquors in Stafford Township. You can also contact Lindsey’s dad Jim to purchase a sign at 347-573-0189 or by email at jimmc_d@yahoo.com.