Fugitive Arrested For Sexual Assault

Charles E. Torrence (Photo courtesy NJ Authorities)

  STAFFORD – A man charged for sexually assaulting a Stafford girl has now been found at a Philadelphia homeless shelter, according to police.

  Charles E. Torrence of Burlington County was charged with sexual assault, two counts of luring or enticing a child, four counts of child endangerment and two counts of criminal attempt to endanger the welfare of a child.

  Torrence was originally arrested back in June by Stafford police for sexually assaulting an underage girl who he connected with through the popular messaging app Kik. The two communicated through text message and FaceTime for one week before Torrence arranged to arrive at her home. He then proceeded to take her back to his home to have sex, according to authorities.

  At the time the man was discharged and waiting for the results of the charges, but he then neglected to arrive to court. The Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office classified him as a fugitive.

  The Evesham police was advised that Torrence had been residing in multiple Philadelphia homeless shelters. After staking out serval shelters, authorities found him at a shelter on Spruce Street.

  He was then turned in to the Philadelphia police and is now begin his eviction back to New Jersey.