Four “Small But Mighty” Superheroes Honored In Stafford

Photo courtesy Stafford Police

  STAFFORD – Usually, it’s the community celebrating the local police department as heroes. On Dec. 3, Stafford Township Police Department flipped the script when they hosted an event to celebrate heroic bravery of four local kids.

  Stafford Police teamed up with Fusaros Pizza to host a celebration of Colton Davis, Brody Nacarlo, Landon Nacarlo and Avery Nacarlo, who exemplified the saying: “Not All Superhero’s Wear Capes.”

Photo courtesy Stafford Police

  On October 14, 2019, these four local kids were playing outside their home in the Ocean Acres section of Manahawkin when they heard a neighbor’s smoke alarm go off.

  “The kids ran up to the house where they saw smoke inside the windows and a distressed dog barking by the front door. They quickly called 911, and ran back to their house to alert their mother of the incident,” stated Stafford Police.

  Once Stafford Police and Fire arrived on scene, they made entry into the home and quickly extinguished the fire.

  According to police, it was the “rascally dog” inside the home that caused the fire when it turned on the stovetop in an attempt to retrieve cupcakes left on the top of the stove, causing the cupcakes to catch fire.

Photo courtesy Stafford Police

  Thanks to the bravery and quick thinking of the kids, the dog came out of the incident unscathed and the fire was put out before it caused any structural damage to the home.

  “For their outstanding bravery and ability to respond quickly, Stafford Township would like to recognize these 4 kids: Colton, Brody, Landon, and Avery as STAFFORD TOWNSHIP’S LOCAL SUPERHERO’S,” stated police.