Authorities Crack Down On Illegal ATV Riders

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  STAFFORD – With an increase in complaints from the Warren Grove section of town, Stafford Township Police said they are cracking down on reckless ATV riders.

  “We understand riding is fun and has been a way of life for many in this area for years. Yet, it must be done legally and without disturbing the peace or creating a public safety issue,” Stafford Police said in a statement.

  Some of the complaints the police had received includes speeding, reckless driving, excessive muffler noise, unregistered vehicles on township roads, riding on private land without permission, and riding on prohibited state property.

  “Over the next several weeks and months, the Stafford Township Police Department will be conducting details to strictly enforce All-Terrain Vehicle related statutes within the jurisdiction,” Stafford Police said.

  Authorities ask that of you own an ATV, to familiarize yourself with Stafford Township Municipal ordinance 203-2, which you can read in full at