Summer Sounds Abound — Keep Your Hearing Safe

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From music festivals to fireworks, summer packs a lot of punch — and a lot of noise. To keep all that fun from damaging your hearing, we’ve gathered some tips to help protect your ears from the sounds of summer.

When you’re exposed to sounds louder than 85 decibels (dB), you run the risk of hearing loss. But just how prevalent are sounds that loud, really? You might be surprised. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 31 million U.S. adults and children have noise-induced hearing loss. Keep your hearing protected this summer with our helpful tips.

Carry Earplugs: Whether in your car, your purse, or your pocket, the must-have accessory of the summer is . . . earplugs! Whether at a concert, mowing the lawn, or on a blanket watching fireworks, you can rest assured fitting those little plugs into your ears will go a long way toward protecting your hearing. They’re inexpensive and available at almost any pharmacy.

Keep Your Distance: Stand far away from the speakers at concerts — they put out a whopping 110 dB or more, so even with hearing protection, you’ll want to stay well back. And even at 20 yards away, small fireworks can still impact your hearing, so put some distance between your family and the main event.

Limit Your Exposure: Give your ears a break by stepping away from noise at regular intervals. Mowing the lawn? Take an extra rest if you mow for extended periods. Not crazy about the song? Move farther away from the stage or even outside, if that’s an option. One variable leading to hearing damage is length of exposure to noise, so proactively limit the duration.

Less Listening: It’s easy and common to grab the headphones and crank some tunes when jogging, biking, or waiting for the event to start, but don’t overdo it. Keep the volume down, and take regular breaks — duration of sound exposure applies to headphones as well. Listening to audiobooks? Sorry, the same applies to you, too.

Plug ’n’ Go: Loud noise caught you by surprise? For a short-term quick fix, plug your ears (gently) with your fingers and quickly move away from the sound source. Putting distance between you and the sound lessens its intensity and, thus, any potential hearing damage.

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