Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Hearing Aid Technology

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  You can usually tell when something needs to be replaced – your smartphone screen is cracked, or your vacuum smells hot. But what about your hearing devices? Here are five signs you need new technology:

  Malfunction: When you perform all the recommended maintenance diligently, but things are still going wrong, it’s time to consider new devices. If replaced batteries drain quickly or sounds remain muffled after a wax guard change, for instance, consider that a red flag. Occasional repairs are normal; persistent problems that resist troubleshooting aren’t.

  Change in Hearing: Your hearing changes over time due to age, exposure to noise, and health events. We can often adjust your programming to meet your new needs, but sometimes your hearing changes so much that you need a different level of technology.

  Costly Repairs: Replacement parts for older hearing aid models are often scarce, especially if the model is discontinued. Think of your devices like a car: If repairing them costs so much that it makes more sense to replace them, go ahead and spring for a newer model. The general rule of thumb is pay for the repair once, but never twice!

  Change in Lifestyle: When your lifestyle changes, your tech might need to follow suit. Took up a sport? You’ll probably need moisture resistance. Switched from an office job to a job outdoors? You’re likely experiencing a different level of noise.

  Technological Advances: You might not realize just how far technology has advanced – with better filtering of background noise, the ability to pinpoint fine-tuning capabilities, and the option to stream sound from your smartphone to your hearing aids. High-tech hearing is just an upgrade away.

  What does dedicated hearing care mean to us?

● We’re neighbors. We’re independent and part of your community.

● We focus on you. We ensure we understand you and your hearing goals.

● We educate. We help you make an informed decision.

● We follow up. You get follow-ups, tech clean and checks, and reprogramming for the life of the hearing aids.

  Wondering if it’s time to upgrade? Contact us for a complimentary consultation and tech demo! Your hearing goals are our goals as well. We can be reached at 732-818-3610 (Toms River/Whiting) or 609-978-8946 (Manahawkin)

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Dr. Kirsh has over 25 years of hearing care experience. Dr. Kirsh received a B.A. in Biopsychology from the University of Maryland, a Master’s of Education (Audiology) from the University of Virginia and a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) with area of specialization in Audiology from the Union Institute (The Graduate School). Dr. Kirsh completed a fellowship at the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary, has multiple publications, and has received numerous continuing education awards from both ASHA and AAA. Dr. Kirsh is currently a Founder and Director for Audigy Group and has previously served on the Sonus Network advisory board. Dr. Kirsh’s wife, Shira Kirsh, is a Speech-Language Pathologist in private practice at Alliance Speech & Hearing Center (Howell, N.J., 732-942-7220)-an affiliate of GSHBC. Dr. Kirsh has two beautiful children, Melanie and Joseph.