Resolve To Hear Better This Year: 12 Things You Don’t Want To Miss

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Keeping better-hearing resolutions is easier with lighthearted encouragement, so we’re offering some whimsy on your road to stronger connections.

  1. Sweet Nothings: You spouse whispering “Sleep well, Honey” before bed, just like they have for years.
  2. Compliments: Hearing just how delicious your home cooking is or how festive your house looks this season
  3. “I Do.”: You, your child, or your grandchild beginning a life together with that special someone.
  4. Firsts: A toddler saying their first words – or, better yet, that first time a child or grandchild says, “I love you.”
  5. Reading Aloud: A child thrilling to all your imagination, expressions, enthusiasm, and silly accents.
  6. Important Information: Signals such as “You dropped this, “Your Plane is now boarding,” or “STOP!”
  7. Music: Children’s recitals, the nuances in your favorite Beethoven symphony, a beloved album on those amazing new speakers.
  8. Jokes: Inside jokes, punch lines, the giggles of your family members (caused, or course, by your very clever quip).
  9. White Noise: The subtle crunch of snow under your feet, the rain on your bedroom window, or the light pencil taps of your spouse deep in thought.
  10. Pet Sounds: Your cat purring, your dog panting her appreciation after a long walk, your horse clip-clopping to the barn at the sound of feed being poured.

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