I’m Not Happy With My Hearing Aid!

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How many of you are walking around with hearing aids that are not providing you with significant benefit?  How many of you have just put the hearing aids in a drawer because they just don’t work properly?

This situation is more common than you think for a variety of reasons. First, the hearing instruments need to be cleaned daily or they may clog up with wax and stop working. I would recommend using a soft tooth brush to clean the “domes” or “wax guard” area. If you really build up a lot of wax, I would purchase Audiowipes from your hearing healthcare professional. Second, don’t hestitate to contact your hearing care professional if problems exist!  In my practice, I require all of my patients to return to my office for at least three follow up visits within their 75 day trial period. Third, insist on a reasonable trial period to test drive the hearing aids. A trial period is NOT mandatory in the State of New Jersey. Third, if you’re still having issues with your hearing instruments after three follow up visits for adjustments/modifications, I would insist that your hearing care professional try a different set of hearing instruments from another manufacturer and give you a NEW  trial period. Fourth, if you’ve actually tried two different sets of hearing aids from several manufacturers and major problems still exist, get a second opinion from another hearing professional. Don’t give up!  Untreated hearing loss increases your risk of cognitive decline.

Remember, hearing aids are very delicate digital devices that require daily care and maintenance. You have to put in the “time” to get the results you’re looking for!

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