Don’t Neglect Your Hearing – Have It Checked Every Year

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Would you rather be blind or deaf? Which sense is more important to you? Of course, both of them. Annual eye exams are commonplace since early detection of glaucoma, cataracts and cornea disease are crucial to medical management. Hearing loss, on the other hand, develops more gradually. In fact, it may take the hearing-impaired individual four to five years to seek help. It is important that family and friends be honest and share their concerns. Dr. Izzy has five important reasons to have your hearing checked yearly:

Gradual changes in your hearing may require a change in your hearing aid prescription.

A decrease in your hearing may be related to wax build-up.

A complaint of tinnitus (ear ringing) may be a precursor to early inner ear disease.

A recent complaint of ear popping or ear pain may be related to eustachian tube dysfunction or middle ear infection.

Increased difficulty understanding speech may be a sign of further hearing loss.

Remember; don’t let your hearing fade away.

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