Changing Your Wax Guards

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Did you know? Wax guards help protect your hearing aids from damaging buildup of wax, skin particles, and other debris. Quite often, the hearing aid may sound “weak” or “dead” because of a clogged filter! Learn how to change them right at home — it’s a breeze! 

Know When to Change the Wax Guard. Putting this task on at least a monthly schedule offers an easy nudge for handling it in a timely manner. Plus, if your technology isn’t working properly — even with fresh batteries — it may be a sign that the wax guard needs changing. 

Use the Right One for Your Device. Wax guards come in diverse sizes and types, but not every version is right for your hearing aids. We can provide or help you choose the compatible wax guards for your specific hearing instruments. 

Remove the Old Wax Guard. Most wax-guard kits comprise a set of small sticks — each with a removal prong on one end or side and a small, white replacement wax guard on the other. Remove the current wax guard from your hearing aid shell by pushing the prong into the center hole of the guard and then pulling it out. 

Clean the Hearing Aid Shell. With the old wax guard removed, clean the area using a toothbrush set aside for hearing aid maintenance. Brushing off the shell with a few strokes helps clear it of any remaining wax or other debris. Remember, when brushing the hearing aid, the receiver port should be facing downward. By this time, you should be hearing more sound from the hearing instrument (particularly if the wax guard was clogged).

Install the New Wax Guard. Using the same tool, line up the end that contains the new guard with the hole on your hearing aid shell or earmold where the old one sat. Gently push the prong into the center hole — the new wax guard should set or snap in place — then pull the prong back out. You may need to briefly hold the new guard in place with your fingernail while you remove the tool. 

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