4 Reasons To Choose Rechargeable Hearing Aids

  Better hearing should be as easy, accessible, and carefree as possible. So if you haven’t experienced rechargeable hearing devices, here are four reasons to give them a try:

  CONVENIENCE No more frequent battery changes. Just store your devices in their charger overnight, and enjoy all-day hearing power when you wake up.

  STREAMING Using Bluetooth and streaming audio can drain hearing aid batteries more quickly, but a simple recharge puts you back in business.

  SAFETY With the rechargeable battery sealed inside your device, there’s no worry about disposable hearing aid batteries getting into kids’ or pets’ hands, paws, or mouths.

  SUSTAINABILITY Rechargeables may go through a battery 1-2 yrs— give or take — compared to 100 or so disposable batteries with traditional devices. Much less waste!

  RELIABILITY Traditional hearing aids that use disposable batteries (312, 10, 13, 675) are subject to moisture build-up which can destroy the hearing aid circuit. Rechargeable hearing aids have a “sealed” battery door thus moisture issues are dramatically reduced.

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