Tuesday’s Snow Cost Ocean County $150,000

OCEAN COUNTY – Although most parts of Ocean County were washed out rather than snowed in, the storm that came through on March 14 was still expensive, officials said.

The northern section of the county, including Plumsted, Jackson, and Lakewood had considerable snowfall, Freeholder Gerry Little said. The total cost of the storm was about $150,000.

After the meeting, road supervisor Thomas Curcio was able to break down the costs further. The county used 1,650 tons of salt. At $63.27 a ton, this added up to $104,395. There was 1611.25 hours of overtime for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and overnight into Wednesday morning, amounting to $49,448.25. The cost of brine on the roads is about 10 cents a gallon. It cost $7,700 for 77,000 gallons.