Suspect Caught in String of Residential Burglaries

(Photo courtesy of Jason Rojas/Flickr)
(Photo courtesy of Jason Rojas/Flickr)

OCEAN COUNTY – After a string of burglaries in the Bay Way neighborhood of Lanoka Harbor, police trailed and arrested a suspect attempting to break into a Toms River home.

Michael L. Dautorio, 30, of Drew Avenue in Lacey, was arrested and charged…

Michael L. Dautorio (Photo courtesy of Ocean County Authorities)

The burglaries started on February 5, Lacey police said. Someone was burglarizing homes throughout the Bay Way neighborhood, including but not limited to the 300, 400 and 700 block of Sinclair Avenue; the 400 block of Barramore Avenue, and Chestnut Drive.

After inspecting the scene and watching numerous video surveillance systems, they had a suspect, police said. On February 9, detectives monitored Dautorio’s home. They followed him to a Toms River neighborhood. He was seen running from a home wearing latex gloves and a ski mask. He was then captured by Lacey Police Detectives Keith Pearce, Brian Flynn, and Kymberly Gudgeon.


He was found with a shoulder bag containing various tools, flashlights, and gloves. An amount of cash was recovered from him. Detectives confirmed with a local homeowner that Dautorio had entered her home and stolen cash. Toms River charged him in that burglary.

Lacey obtained search warrants for his home and two vehicles. Property was found there that linked him to several Lanoka Harbor burglaries. Additional property that might link him to further burglaries in Lacey and Toms River was also recovered.

Criminal charges for six additional burglaries are being prepared. At the time of his arrest, Dautorio was on bail for charges of robbing homes in Berkeley.

The investigation was a joint effort with Lacey, Toms River, and Berkeley police, as well as the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department Crime Scene Unit.