Six Flags Tries To Break Record For Largest Snowball Fight

Photo courtesy Six Flags

JACKSON – Six Flags Great Adventure attempted to break the record for the world’s largest snowball fight on Dec. 17 at the amusement park.

The record-breaking fight was postponed from the previous weekend due to a snow storm. The event had 505 guests joining in the record-breaking snowball extravaganza, tossing both real and indoor snowballs at each other for one whole minute.

Six Flags was trying to break the record of 7,681 participants set by Canada last year, with a hopeful 9,000 participants all across the nation. This goal was unfortunately thwarted by the snow storm the previous weekend, rescheduling events from Massachusetts to Atlanta. For those parks in California, Texas, and Missouri that were able to hold the snowball event last weekend, 4,317 guests contributed to the attempt to break the record.

The total number of participants in the event, including those from this past weekend, has not been tallied yet.