Party During Pandemic Results In Child Endangerment Charges

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  LAKEWOOD – A party of about 40-50 people was broken up by police, and resulted in charges of child endangerment to the couple who hosted it.

  Police said that the party took place on March 29 at a home on Alamitos Drive. When police arrived, they saw 40-50 people, some of them children, in the yard and in the street in front of the home. This is in violation of the Executive Order signed by the governor to ban gatherings to slow the spread of COVID-19.

  The owners of the house, Eliezer and Miriam Silber, were charged with five counts of Endangering the Welfare of their five children. Eliezer Silber was additionally charged with violating the Executive Order.

  “As I have previously stated, it is my sworn duty to protect all of the residents of Ocean County. That obligation applies across the board,” stated Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer. “My Office will prosecute any individual who defies or breaks the law, State of Emergency or otherwise.  Everyone must respect and follow the law. The men & women of the Lakewood Police Department have done an exceptional job in the face of a public health crisis. Their efforts are truly commendable.”

  The defendants are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.