One Jersey Cash 5 Ticket Wins $161,090 Jackpot in Ocean County

Photo by Chris Lundy

BRICK – 01. 14. 16. 19. 35. And XTRA 03.

If you bought that ticket at the In-N-Go in Brick, you won the $161,090 jackpot in the Jersey Cash 5 April 18 drawing.

“We are thrilled that the winning jackpot ticket was sold at In-N-Go. The retailer will receive a bonus check for $2,000 for selling the winning ticket. Overnight, they have become one more ‘lucky location’ for the very fortunate lottery winner,” Acting Executive Director John M. White said in a press release.

There were 307,299 tickets for that drawing, White said. Fifty-five ticket holders won $452 each for matching four numbers, and 12 of those won $1,365 each with the XTRA number. Those who matched three numbers – 1,853 ticketholders – won $15, and 287 won an additional $45 with their XTRA number. For those matching two numbers and the XTRA, they won $2 each.