New Six Flags Outreach Program Brings The Safari Indoors

Photo courtesy Six Flags

JACKSON ─ Six Flags Great Adventure will be bringing the fun into the classroom with the new “Wild Encounters” program! This animal outreach program will bring the safari directly to you to help teach about the animals and their characteristics, habitats, history and diets. Not only will this program be brought to students in the classroom, but also to senior centers, after school programs, clubs, and many more!

“Wild Encounters allows us to bring the fun, excitement and educational aspects of the safari to animal lovers, wherever they are,” said Dr. Bill Rives, director and chief veterinarian of Six Flags Great Adventure’s safari and animal education programs.

Photo courtesy Six Flags

The program will not only educate but it will showcase live, exotic animals, such as exotic birds, reptiles, snakes and mammals. See first-hand unique animals like two-toed sloth, Moluccan cockatoo, blue-tongued skink, the black and white tegu and red-tailed boa constrictor.

The “Wild Encounters” program has three different programs, including:

  • Fur, Feathers and Scales –A great program for kindergarten through fifth grade students to learn about reptiles, mammals and birds.
  • Behind the Biology – A great program for grades 6 through 8, that teaches students about the importance of animal training and animal care.
  • Customized – Six Flags will also design customized programs specific to you!

For each of these programs, the lesson plans are created by a Six Flags state-certified teacher and they abide by the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. The 45-minute programs are best for groups up to 100, and multiple programs can be completed in succession.

For more information contact the Six Flags Safari Programs team at 732-928-2000 ext. 2221 or by emailing