Murder For Hire Arrest In Ocean County

Photo courtesy Ocean County Authorities

OCEAN COUNTY – A Beachwood man has been arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Michael Nocera, 43, was arrested Feb. 8 after an investigation that began in December revealed the inmate of Ocean County Jail had conversations expressing his wish that his attorney be killed.

Nocera’s conversations were intercepted by the county prosecutor’s High Tech Crimes Unit.

“During the conversations, Nocera stated that he wanted his attorney kidnapped, driven to a wooded area and shot in the head. He provided additional instructions for the disposal of the body, requesting victim be burned and his remains disposed of in a body of water. Nocera was offering a payment of $30,000 that would be paid upon completion of the act,” a Feb. 9 OC Prosecutor’s Office press release said.


It was not immediately clear on what charges Nocera was already housed in the Ocean County Jail. He remains in jail.