Municipalities Issue Storm Warnings

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The spring-like conditions of last week are a bitter-cold memory, and Winter isn’t done yet. Before Winter officially bows out in less than a week, it will slam Ocean and Monmouth counties with blizzard conditions Monday night and all day Tuesday.

The National Weather Service out of Philadelphia/Mt. Holly has issued a blizzard warning for both counties, with predictions of 10 to 14 inches being dumped on the region through Tuesday afternoon. Winds will gust up to 50 mph, with sustained winds reaching 30 mph.

Coastal flooding is also likely, from Middlesex to Cumberland counties.

Municipalities are issuing warnings to its residents to not only prepare for the storm, but follow local ordinances to ease the burden on emergency crews and avoid fines.

At press time, these municipalities had released statements on what residents should expect. Residents should visit their municipality’s website for complete information.

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Crews are out now brining roadways. Residents are asked to stay off the roads during the blizzard. Vehicles must be removed from the road until roads are plowed.

Zone B recycling has been rescheduled for March 18.


Residents are asked to stay off the roads to allow plows to clear snow with impediment. They must also remove all vehicles, garbage cans, recycling containers, basketball hoops and skate ramps from the streets and roads.

All non-emergency calls should be made to the appropriate authorities, not the police department. The police are unable to forward any calls regarding plows.

The township provided the following numbers for its residents.

Power outages: JCP&L 888-544-4877

Municipal Water: 732-928-2222

Public Works: 732-928-1311

Board of Education: 732-833-4600

OEM: 732-928-9414

First Aid: 732-928-0278

Jackson Police Department: 732-928-1111


Once the snow starts, salting and sanding vehicles will be dispatched. Major roadways will be done first. Plows will go through each street at least one time.

The township does not remove snow from driveways or sidewalks. Residents and businesses are forbidden from dumping snow unto streets. Summonses are issued for noncompliance.

Residents are asked to secure all loose items on their properties.

Residents in low-lying areas can park their vehicles in the upper parking lot at the Berkeley Recreation Center or the lower lot at Central Regional Middle School.

Downed utility wires should be reported to JCP&L and the Berkeley Township Police Department.

Outages and downed lines should be reported to JCP&L at 888-544-4877.

The Berkeley Township Police can be reached at 732-341-6600.

Dialysis patients should register with OEM for assistance. OEM can be reached at 732-914-8966 or


The Brick Township Police are asking residents to remove their vehicles and any other objects from roadways to allow plows to move freely along township roads.


The Manchester Township Police will issue a statement later in the day Monday. If the storm occurs, residents are asked to remove vehicles from roadways.

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Lacey Township has cancelled trash collection on March 14. Trash will be collected March 17.

There will be no recycling collection for Zone 4. Recycling for Zone 4 will be picked up on March 15.

At this time, residents should remove all bulk items from the curb. Those items will not be picked up this week and can possibly become dangerous due to high winds and impede the plowing process.

  OCEAN TOWNSHIP (Ocean County)

Residents must remove vehicles from snow-covered street. Cars will be towed at the owners’ expenses.

Residents are also encouraged to take precautions with the high wind watch and take down or tie down items that might blow away, including decorative flags and garbage cans.

Residents in flood-prone zones can park their vehicles on Railroad Avenue in front of the ball fields. They are asked to put their name and phone number in the front window in case the police need to contact them.


Residents are asked to remove their vehicles from roadways until streets are plowed.

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Residents are asked to remove their vehicles from roadways Monday night and Tuesday.

Trash pick-up in section 1 will be moved to March 15.


Residents are asked to remove vehicles from roadways tonight to allow plows easy access to all borough streets.

Residents are also asked to remove or secure outdoor items that may easily blow away, such asa furniture and garbage cans.


Trash pickup will be moved to Wednesday, recycling to Thursday.