Memory Changes As We Age: How To Remember The Things We Forget

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Bartley Healthcare is partnering with CentraState Medical Center to host an educational seminar to inform the community on how to make lifestyle adjustments that can help participants to compensate for attention and memory loss. Join them to learn about how the memory works, why it changes, and what people can do to help remember the things that they forget.

  Bartley is hosting the seminar at The Orchards at Bartley Assisted Living. The Orchards Assisted Living is located at 100 N. County Line Road in Jackson. The seminar will be in two parts. Part One will be on January 23 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m., and Part Two will be at the same time on January 25. The presenter will be Marilyn Abrahamson from CentraState Medical Center. Abrahamson is a Speech-Language Pathologist at CentraState Medical Center.

  Thirteen percent of Americans, aged 60 and older, reported worsening memory loss or confusion in the previous year. One in 8 seniors reported this memory loss. The lifestyle habits that participants will learn from this seminar will help them to delay the symptoms of age-related cognitive decline. Delaying these symptoms can serve to help people maintain independence for as long as possible, or even return to work, play, and the enjoyment of every day.

Seating is limited, so anyone interested in attending the “Memory Changes As We Age” educational seminar, call CentraState Medical Center at 732-308-0570, or visit, and click on Classes and Events. There will be refreshments served.