Jersey Shore Resident To Appear On Wheel Of Fortune

Gina Maslen (Photo courtesy Sony Pictures)

BAYVILLE – Bayville resident Gina Maslen will appear on the 7:30 p.m. Jan. 15 episode of Wheel of Fortune.

Maslen, a member of “the Wheel Club,” was chosen out of 70 applicants to appear on the show. She auditioned in Philadelphia in October when the show was looking for contestants from the area.

“It has been on my bucket list to be on so when I saw they were coming to Philadelphia for try outs, I just had to apply,” Maslen said.

She found out two weeks after her audition that she would be flying out to Los Angeles to tape the show over a November weekend. She had to meet with a lawyer while out there, who explained the rules of what she could discuss before the show airs, which isn’t very much.

Maslen is a receptionist at The Pines at Whiting, a senior living community. She said it was difficult not being able to immediately share her experience with the residents there.

Photo courtesy Sony Pictures

“The hard part is keeping it all a secret from the residents at The Pines. My family and friends understand that I cannot discuss the outcome, but many of the residents will come up and ask me questions that I cannot answer due to legal reasons,” Maslen said.

One resident even asked Maslen for an autograph.

Maslen, like all Wheel of Fortune contestants, will get a picture of herself spinning the wheel. She’s not allowed to say if or what she won, or if she made it to the final puzzle.

“The wheel is over 2000 pounds and very heavy,” Maslen said.

The Pines at Whiting plans to have a viewing party with her.