Harrogate Celebrates The “Pride Of Brielle” Honorees

File Photo - Creative Commons License

  LAKEWOOD – Harrogate Life Plan Community is celebrating Brielle’s Chamber of Commerce choice of the ‘Pride of Brielle’ honorees. The chamber has chosen Kevin and Mary-Jo Kinneally as this year’s recipients. This is the first time a couple has been jointly named as honorees. The award recognizes the Kinneally’s as the community’s outstanding citizens of 2022. The award is to honor upstanding members of the community who have given of themselves for the benefit of the Brielle community. The Kinneally’s have lived and volunteered in Brielle for over 30 years.

  Mary-Jo Kinneally is the Director of Financial Services at Harrogate Life Care Community. She had worked for an auditing firm prior to joining Harrogate. Mary-Jo knew from her volunteer work in Brielle, she loved working as part of a team, whose contributions benefit the community. When the opportunity at Harrogate was presented, it seemed like the perfect position for her to use her financial skill set and to be part of a community where she could contribute. Mary-Jo added, “my husband and I are honored to be recognized by the town of Brielle.  I am overwhelmed by the support I have received from the Harrogate community.  After over 30 years in public accounting, I made the right decision in joining the amazing team at Harrogate.”

  Charles Benjamin, Executive Director of Harrogate, upon hearing about Mary-Jo’s recognition as the “Pride of Brielle,” commented, it comes as “no surprise to the residents and staff of Harrogate.” “Anyone who engages with Mary-Jo recognizes she gives 100% of herself to better our community. Whether it be her meticulous preparation of financial statements or dancing the night away with residents at one of the Harrogate parties, her immersion in our community has been a blessing as I am sure it has been for Brielle.”

  Mr. Benjamin, and members of the Harrogate Life Plan Community leadership team will be participating in the recognition event in May to thank Kevin and Mary-Jo for their contributions to both Brielle and Harrogate! 

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