GOP Again Leads Ocean County

Chris Smith, Virginia Haines and Jack Kelly (Photo courtesy Republicans For Toms River)

  OCEAN COUNTY – A very red county in a state known for being blue, Ocean County voters decided to keep the Republicans in charge.

  There were two seats on the ballot for the Board of Commissioners – the five-member body which oversees things like finances and county roads. Virginia Haines and Jack Kelly cruised to victory with six-figure vote totals, doubling that of their Democrat challengers, Catherine Paura and Roxanne Barnes.

  The vote for sheriff went the same way, with incumbent Republican Michael Mastronardy doubling the total of his challenger, Democrat Salvatore Frascino.

  The exact vote totals have yet to be finalized.

  Every member of the House of Representatives is up for election and county voters backed Republican incumbents Jefferson Van Drew (2nd District) and Chris Smith (4th District). Ocean County’s votes will now be added to other counties to see who won the seat. Some news organizations have already called Van Drew and Smith the winners.

  There were no U.S. Senate elections in New Jersey this year.