Fundraiser In Ocean County Might Break World Record

This launch point along the river in Pine Beach will provide entry for more than 329 boats as part of a record-breaking event and fundraiser for Save Barnegat Bay. (Photo courtesy Mindy D’Addario)

  PINE BEACH – A borough woman wants to set a record on the river while supporting a cause close to her heart. She needs the support and help of other people, however. At least 329 of them.

  Sandy Rinderer has come up with a fun activity with the official name of “Paddle For The Bay” to raise funds for Save Barnegat Bay.

  The idea is to gather more than 329 kayaks/boats, (the record number set in Poland) along the river in Pine Beach on August 20. Registration is online only and the boat fee is $10. “The challenge date is Saturday, August 20, rain or shine. Boat number pick up is at Avon Beach, Pine Beach. This is not a race and not a mass start so participants can start 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. To paddle one mile loop takes approximately 25 minutes,” Rinderer said.

  “As a lifetime resident of Ocean County, born at Lakehurst Naval Air Station and fortunate to live along the Toms River all my life, I have seen changes in the health of the river. This event will be a way to raise awareness of the need to protect the river and Barnegat Bay,” Rinderer said.

  “Save Barnegat Bay is an organization to protect and educate the public on restoring the ecosystem and proceeds from this event will go directly to them,” she added.

  “We are happy to join with local residents and paddle enthusiasts to bring attention to the health of the river. The Toms River is the largest of all the rivers that feed Barnegat Bay with fresh water from the Pinelands,” said Britta Forsberg, Executive Director of Save Barnegat Bay.

  She added, “it is also the lifeblood of our communities for our quality of life, local economy and recreation. This event will be a fun way to celebrate all the ways we love our rivers and bays and work together to help keep them clean and safe to swim and fish.”

  Rinderer hopes to gain the assistance of area yacht clubs. She said, “the Pine Beach Yacht Club will be helping along with local residents to break the Guinness World Record of 329 boats. Township Search and Rescue and even the Riverlady will be at this event!”

  “If you go on Facebook and search paddle for the bay, you will be able to see the flyer and registration information,” Rinderer added.

  She said her daughter, Mindy D’Addario, is helping to promote the event through flyer placement and e-mails and Facebook posts.

  The link to register and for additional information is online at