Friends of Island Beach State Park Receive “Casual Friday” Contribution

Photo courtesy SUEZ

OCEAN COUNTY – Friends of Island Beach State Park were recently chosen as the lucky recipients of SUEZ’s annual “Casual Friday” contribution!

Every week, SUEZ collects $2 from each employee that wishes to dress down, in jeans or casual dress, for the Friday work day. The money is collected throughout the year and tallied up around the following New Year.

All the money collected in the “Casual Friday” funds gets donated to a different, local non-profit each year. The funds collected for the 2017 have been donated to Friends of Island Beach State Park. SUEZ has donated to other local non-profits in the past such as Hometown Heroes, The Barnegat Bay Partnership, ReClam the Bay, and Shred Out Cancer.

On Feb. 2, Vice President of Friends of Island Beach State Park, Judy Merritt, received the donations collected by SUEZ employees throughout 2017.

Merritt also informed the employees about what her organization does, including its educational and special events, programs, and volunteer opportunities. If you want more information about the organization, visit