Fay Is Coming To Town And She’s A Big Windbag

The calm before the storm (Photo by Bob Vosseller)

NEW JERSEY – Fay’s coming for a visit to the Jersey Shore and she’s bringing a lot of wind.

  Tropical Storm ‘Fay’ may not make for a nice visitor as she could bring as much as 50 mile-per-hour winds which is why the National Huricane Center has issued a tropical storm warning extending from Cape May northward to Watch Hill, RI.

  As of Thursday night Fay was hanging around I-95 south of Ocean City Maryland.

  And heading northward at 7 mile per hour but that could build up to 45 miles per hour sustained winds with a minimum wind speed for those tropical storms that get a name, being 39 miles per hour.

  The National Weather Service office in Mount Holly issued the advisory and said it could reach between 39 and 58 miles per hour with some strong gusts and a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour.

  We could also see some flash floods with some predictions saying 1-3 inches of rain with the storm, and some with higher percentages.